Yacht Club Cere Podolí

The aim of the project is to bring together hundreds of swimmers who want to contribute to the fight against ALS through swimming and at the same time draw attention to this disease.

Celkem doposud vybráno v roce 2023
891 682 Kč

20% z čistého výtěžku bude rozděleno mezi 8 pacientů. Zbylá částka bude poskytnuta spolku ALSA, který zajišťuje komplexní péči pacientům s ALS.

This event is organized in the Czech Republic by the ALSA patient association.

ALSA is an organization of patients and professionals interested in ALS as the only organization in the Czech and Slovak Republics. Our mission is to help patients with advicing, consultation of appropriate therapies, creation of a specialized rental of compensatory aids, reconditioning stays, trips of specialists to patients' homes, etc. The biggest goal of the project is to create a specialized center for these patients, as in other countries.

Prague City Swim is a charitable, international and unique project.

Amsterdam City Swim, which was first held on 9 September 2012 in the canals of Amsterdam and then in London (London City Swim).